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This website is dedicated to the life and work of Joan Day (1911-2004).

Joan Day was one of the "London Group" of painters and a contemporary of Mark Gertler, Mervyn Peake
and John Piper. Her oil paintings are rooted in the landscapes of Northern Ireland, where she grew up,
the Yorkshire moors, where she raised her family, and Cambridgeshire, where she lived from the 1970s.

Particular bodies of work -- on the
Yorkshire Abbeys, for example -- are shown together in the Studio but
others are grouped more loosely. More information about Joan Day can be found in the
section. If you like these pictures, please leave your
Feedback. There is also a page of relevant Links.
These photographs show Joan Day's studio in Grantchester, near Cambridge, in 2003.
Paintings covered the walls, and more were stacked below. This site, with images crowded together
and, in general, a lack of distracting description, attempts to recreate the feeling of the studio.
More photographs of Chapel House are available